Get To Know Us


Corestyle is lifestyle brand for active, strong, confident women who aren't afraid to shake up the place.

Core /kôr/ (n): The central most part of something

Style /stīl/ (n): A distinct appearance

Our dogma is as follows:

  • When you look good, you feel good, and you shouldn't have to spend an arm & a leg to achieve it.
  • We don't compromise on quality.
  • We don't follow trends-we create things we like, that's it. We rock palm tree prints in the dead of winter and we're not sorry.
  • Our brand is not for everyone, and we're OK with that.
  • We keep it in the fam - everything is made in LA.
  • We believe in community & lifting each other up
  • We are blessed, and so we give back. A percentage of our profits will be given to charity.

Our mission:

We aim to build a community of women that lift each other up, help each other, and support each other while looking fab doing it. We are the nice girls in this 'mean girls' world. You can most certainly sit with us, and we'd LOVE to hear your story.

That is who we are.
Join us.