We Want YOU! to be our brand ambassador

We know that there are a lot of fitness brands that already exist, and plenty popping up here and there every week. We were well aware of this when we dreamt up the idea for the brand. We did our research and all of our findings pointed us to YES, do this.
There is such a lack of communication between brand and customer today. The line between the two is cold and dead. Brands do not take the time to get to know the customer, learn their name and what they are trying to accomplish in their lives. Likewise, the customer is just as removed, unaware of the people and community behind the brand.
I want a different existence for Corestyle. I want people to know who we are, why we're here, and how we can help each other along the way. I want us to get together, go for a run, then eat a really great brunch after.
We want people in our community (who really feel us) to be our brand ambassadors. We would love to hear from you. Take the time to write us an email, comment on our blog, or if you're really 'bout it you can even give us a call (*gasp!* a phone call?!) or text if you're not as ballsy. 
If you're interested in joining us, get in touch and send us the below:
-WHO you are (not just your name)
-WHY you want to join us and be an ambassador
-WHAT you love and what gives you LIFE
-LINK to your social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc) We want to stalk you xoxoxo
We know it's a little premature to be looking for our peeps but we are curious to see who REALLY knows what we're about. This will be our first round, and really our best round, considering no one knows who the hell we are...yet.

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  • Hello my name is Erynn, for the past year fitness has been the biggest accomplishment I’ve had! I’ve gone from being over weight, not know what I wanted to do in life! So last year I’ve decided I need to start working out eating healthy because joining the navy is my life goal!

    I’ve never been a fitness ambassador before, but with friend, family, and random people I don’t know like to come up to me ask I can help them with there work out, nutrition, and help them set goals to achieve. I love helping and motivating people! I’ve been a lifeguard, swim instructor, and a competitive swimmer for a long time! I love working with people to show them that anything is possible! Everyone who knows me or takes my class, knows the word “I can’t” does not exist. I tell everyone it’s either you can or I will try!

    The reason why I would love to joint your team, when I read your “get to know us” a couple of things really stood out to me " we believe in community and lifting each other up" to me that’s the biggest goal I have for everyone I met or if it’s a random person. Something I always tell friend and family " smile because your smile can lift someone up". I also love how everything is made here in LA! I support the hometown! Also the last thing that really stood out to me is that you give back a percentage of your profits! I love everything that this company stands for lifting people up, helping the community, and I love that you create things you like and not what everyone else like!

    The thing to give me the sparkle in my eye, I know it sounds cheesy but working out, it’s my stress reliever, my fun, and you look and feel great after! I also love swimming, playing football with my friends, snow boarding, and dirt bike riding! Plus give me a nice cup of coffee I’m sure that will bring a sparkle to anyone!

    My instagram is erynnblomeyer, my Facebook is Erynn Christine blomeyer, and my Snapchat is erynncb

    Hope everyone has a great work out today!

    Thank you,

    Erynn Blomeyer on
  • Hello! My name is Alina and I am trying to create a fitness approach that I can carry throughout my life. having a job that invigorates and inspires me to be fit sure helps- I work at an amazing middle school in the Bay Area where children learn and practice fitness, and then use what they know to literally climb mountains and swim seas.

    I’ve never been a fitness ambassador, but I am passionate about it! I talk to so many people about their goals and dreams and loves, and try my best to get them thinking about healthier, happier choices (and maybe even saving the ocean and standing up for themselves.) I’m always eager to talk about the pursuit of equity, self-love, and big dreams.

    I want to join you because I too love brunch after a good run of kickboxing or barre session. (I am secretly more about being tough but balance it with a minute amount of grace, I hope.) plus, those tops are so beautiful, and your website is conversational without being either elitist or patronizing. I’m not afraid to buy either lulu’s or Gapfit depending on the look and how a fabric holds up- but I also want to rock out in a funny top that makes someone think.

    Things I love that bring a spark to my eyes: coffee. A great sparring session. My beau, Nolan. A run on the beach, with my hound Daisy. A great book. A conversation about any -ism that makes someone think critically. Coffee! Great friends.

    My Instagram is “actively.alina”, and my Facebook is Alina Bean Dyndikova. :) the latter is more private due to students and parents being all over the Internet lately.

    Have a wonderful evening! Happy fall,

    Alina (Ballerina!) on

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