We are so excited to finally launch our product.

We've been talking about it for a while now, and the time is finally here. It's very exciting and we hope you love our SEASON 1 Just as much as we do.

We did a short Q & A in case anyone wanted to know a little about the 1st season.

Q. What makes Corestyle different from other brands?

A. The active market is saturated now, with brand after brand coming and going. What makes Corestyle different is the integrity behind the brand. We say what we mean, we do not try to appeal to everyone because we know it is impossible to do that. We aim to make a community around the brand, which will take time but ultimately we will surround ourselves with the most positive, uplifting women, and that's important to us.

Q. Why only 5 styles to launch?

A. It takes a lot of time, money, and manpower to launch even the smallest of lines. Again, we are not trying to put out "collections" or "seasonally appropriate"pieces. We create things we think would look badass and make us want to sweat more, work harder, and be better. Our pieces this "season" are layerable and meant to keep you cool, even going into the fall season. We don't know anyone who gets cooler as they work out, do you? You build a lot of internal heat when you're working out, so we wanted our fabrics to help you keep cool.

Q. Will you only be selling online, or will anyone carry your product?

A. For now, we will be selling online. We are open to doing some business with small boutiques or studios, but as for the larger chains and departments stores, we will be taking a pass. We will only be making a small number of units for each style we put out because it keeps it intimate; whoever purchases our items is really getting a one in a million piece, and we will not be doing reorders. We want the experience to be special.


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