Why Corestyle?

Corestyle was founded and created by a woman who really and truly just wanted to have a cool active line that other women could easily attain and feel great in. She was done wasting hard-earned money on big-name active brands whose product, really, was not as high-end as they let on. Why should it cost an arm and a leg to get a good quality, stylish piece to wear for a sweat sesh? It shouldn't. That is where Corestyle comes in. The name itself says it all - your core is who you are, where you are going, and who you want to become. Your personal style reflects that, and we here at Corestyle want to be a part of who you are, a part of your growth. I know you're a busy boss woman and  have things to do so I am keeping this short - Stay tuned for our product launch on 9.30.16, and if you have time sign up with your email for our special launch offer-we won't spam you, it's for exclusive deals only. 


We see you.




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